Which Cruise Would you Like to Experience?

Enjoy a stress - free vacation/honeymoon, knowing every detail created is flawless and uniquely you.

Ocean Cruise

2000+ passengers

Luxury Cruise

200 - 2000 passengers

River Cruise

100 - 200 passengers

Expedition Cruise

100-200 passengers

Cruise traveling is the GREATEST all-inclusive travel in the World.  Experiencing fun, laughter, entertainment, all-you-can-eat/drink and travelling to multiple destinations all at the same time...

Which Cruise Itinerary would you like to experience?

Round-Trip Itinerary

  • Start and end in the same city

  • Ocean & Luxury Cruises

  • Repeated throughout the season

  • Ideal for 1st time Cruisers

One-Way (Open Jaw)

  • Start in one city and end in another city

  • Same itinerary repeated but in reverse

  • Repeated througout a season

River Cruise

  • Only available in Europe, Russia, China, Vietnam, South America, Africa and U.S. (Mississippi)

  • Smaller Ship

  • Many Destinations

  • Visit Several Countries


  • Travel days up to 21+

  • Moves from one region to another

  • Visit up to 3 different regions on one cruise

  • Various itinerary segments to choose from


  • For cruise travelers that want to relax & enjoy days at sea

  • Can be combined with land tours

  • For clients that do not like to fly

Cruise Tour

  • Combination of a cruise and a land tour

  • Includes destinations in Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe

  • Can be connected to River Cruises

Most Popular Cruise Destinations


(Eastern & Western)


New Zealand



South Pacific


South America

Cruise Line Affiliations

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