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Welcome to Kingdom Travels

At Kingdom Travels, we believe in paying it forward.  We are well aware that within the event/wedding planning industry, we all eventually come together to provide extraordinary service for our clients, this is why Kingdom Travels would like to partner with YOU!

As a event/wedding planner, photographer, florist or a owner of a venue that create the atmosphere for an event/wedding, your job is already amazing, taking care of everything preparation related, miscellaneous errands, etc! (you all are truly gifted).  For this and many other reasons, Kingdom Travels would like to step in and partner with you to handle all travel related accommodation for your clients such as honeymoons, guest travel, and so much more.  

Once partnered with us, you would be eligible to receive bride & groom leads and allow Kingdom Travels to provide the travel services for your current and new clients.  In addition, with this partnership, for every booking or travel service provided, Kingdom Travels will pay a 5% referral incentive commission for each trip booked and paid in full!

Kingdom Travels is proudly affiliated with Weddings in Houston, The Knot and The Wedding Wire. As we receive clients, we will pay it forward by referring those to to your services, opening the door for continued services and possible endless referrals for everyone.  Our promise is to provide 5-star customer service to your clients, assuring they have a flawless experience, and to distinguish our commitment, Kingdom Travels will welcome them with a travel gift on your behalf.

To find out more on the tremendous benefits this partnership can bring to your business, contact us directly for additional information on getting started.

Kingdom Travel Services for your Clients

  • Coordinate the Individual/Group Air Contract and Airfare Arrangements

  • Coordinate the Individual/Group Hotel Room Block at the Designated Resort

  • Coordinate Individual/Group Cruise Travel (Air & Stateroom)

  • Coordinate the Transportation and Airport Transfers

  • Coordinate Additional Fun Activities via our partnered Travel Suppliers

  • Coordinate and handle all travel supplier changes (if any)

  • Provide Client Travel Itineraries, Travel Checklist and additional Travel Resources

  • Provide customer service from the time of departure till the time of return


*Disclaimer:  For Wedding Planners - If Kingdom Travels provide you a bride and groom lead and your services are hired, the 5% commission will not apply, however, Kingdom Travels, via our partnership, will coordinate the travel services (air, resort, transportation, airport transfers and travel suppliers activities.